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Tipper And Grab Wagon Hire South Shields

Grab & Deliver have been providing services to companies and individuals in South Shields for years, ensuring all their hire needs are met. We can provide the hire of grab wagons and tipper trucks, as well as waste collection, aggregates and recycling. We can arrange support for projects of all sizes, from a single truck, tipper, wagon or lorry to ongoing trucks and deliveries.

As an independent company, Grab & Deliver is perfectly placed to meet the requirements of South Shields businesses, with quick turnarounds on our deliveries and services to keep projects moving. From truck and wagon requirements, such as tipper trucks and grab wagons to waste collection, aggregates and recycling. Whether you need a lorry, tipper or trucks for a few weeks or a single day, talk to our team today.

If you’re in South Shields, or the wider North East region, start the ball rolling on your delivery hire needs for tipper trucks, grab wagons, and waste collection, as well as deliveries and collections of aggregates, and our recycling services. We are here to arrange the lorry, wagon, tipper, truck or trucks you require.

At Grab & Deliver we are particularly proud of our environmental credentials. As well as the hire of trucks, including tipper trucks and grab wagons, we also help other companies in South Shields become more environmentally friendly through the use of our waste collection and recycling services, or deliveries of aggregates, in addition to tipper, wagon, truck, and lorry hire services.

The friendly and professional team at Grab & Deliver are on hand to provide services to private and commercial clients of all sizes, across South Shields; assisting with their deliveries, waste collection, recycling, and truck and wagon hire needs. Whether you require grab wagons, tipper trucks, a lorry, tipper, aggregates or trucks, we can provide professional and efficient assistance.

Tipper And Grab Lorries South Shields

Grab & Deliver is trusted by companies across South Shields and the wider North East region to provide safe and reliable hire services and deliveries of trucks and more. We pride ourselves on fulfilling your requirements for a truck, wagon, lorry or tipper, deliveries of aggregates, or hire of grab wagons and tipper trucks to the highest standards. Our waste collection service is a popular and environmentally-friendly service, recycling a variety of un-required materials on building and construction sites.


All of our aggregates are priced per bag plus delivery

Waste Collection in South Shields

Waste Collection

We can offer inert waste collection including soil, bricks, concrete & clay. Green waste can also be collected but must be separated.

Tipper Hire

Grab Hire offers a tipper hire service for groundworks projects, house builders and construction companies across the North East.
Tipper Truck Services South Shields
Grab Wagon Hire South Shields

Grab Hire

Looking for a grab hire service that offers low prices, reliable operators and high capacities, for fast and affordable site clearance

Crushing Services

Designed to recycle larger concrete into gravel which can be reused for a variety of projects with our state-of-the-art 30 tonne crusher.

Flexible, convenient and efficient

Our grab hire services are available for both domestic and commercial customers.

Supply & Delivery of Aggregates

Get top grade construction aggregates delivered direct to your site​

Ideal for large commercial projects

We provide a range of bulk materials for construction and engineering. ​

A licensed and approved recycling specialist

Giving you that peace of mind.​